Dec 13

Dog Training

Well trained dogs welcome you into any homestead, making the very best of gestures that most home owners may not make. When you see a dog wagging its tail from a distance, you can be sure that you are welcome into a given compound. Still, when a dogs runs towards you in a friendly way, you will get the impression that the owner wants you in their space.  It is for this very reason that the dog owners take their pets for training. Training can either be done at home or in a given premises where many dogs are trained all at the same time.

Do the dog trainers use magic to instill the best behavior on these amazing pets? What is the answer? Dog trainers take time to understand dog’s behavior and hence correct it as preferred. Dogs could either be trained for offering high security services or just as domestic pets. Further, a dog can be trained for competition purposes. All these factors will inform the way training on a dog is conducted. Continue reading →

Oct 13

Give Your Dog a Bath

If you are a dog owner, there is one that you cannot avoid: Bathing your dog. This is because dogs may need to remain healthy to avoid infections. Still they may bring to your home environment a number of pests that may end up harming you in the long run. Many people are scared about doing dog baths. They are majorly afraid that the dogs will react in negative way during such a bath. Therefore, they will engage other service providers, which will end up costing them a whole lot of money.  However the activity can be as easy as doing your own bath, depending on your attitude on the same.

When your dog wags its tail, it is only telling you, though silently, that it is glad to see you. If you react in a negative way, it will sense hostility, which will be dragged all the way to the bathing times. Therefore, if you create a good friendship with your dog, you will have an easy time during the bathing.

It is important that you bath your dog at an appropriate time when you are not running between schedules. Your dog will not appreciate one roughed up bath, and will most likely reject the next one that you may try in the same manner. Therefore take your time to ensure that you have massaged your dog as you bath and brush it. This way, you will always find a dog that is ready for bath at any given time.

There are a number of facilities that are designed to help you wash your dog easily. They will ensure that the job is done perfectly. However, you should not eliminate the need to bond with your dog as you use such facilities. Clearly, all dog owners can give their dogs a good bath. All that is needed is a little time to try and bond with the dog.

Aug 13

Proper Dog Care

Poor feeding is one of the most common causes of dog aggression. If you want a happy dog, then you need to ensure that your dog’s nutrition is at the top of your priority list. The most common misconception is that if you don’t feed him o much he won’t poop all over the house. This is not the solution. Dogs don’t feel guilty, so depriving food will do nothing except aggravate and make the situation worse. Develop a meal plan; feed him enough, but not too much, just enough to keep him nourished and healthy.

Dealing with a lack of house training is very easy. Try house training!! The best way to get your dog to stop going to the bathroom everywhere is to find a place that is convenient, and teach him, through routine, to go where you want him to. Dogs are much like children; the older they get the harder it is to teach them how to behave. That is why house training becomes most effective if it is done at an early age. Dogs age much quicker than humans though, so if you wait a year then you might as well be teaching an old dog new tricks-pun intended.

Grooming is perhaps the most underrated element of dog care today. Many people don’t see the point, while others are obsessed to the point of brushing their dog’s teeth. They are still animals at the end of the day, so as much as grooming is important, don’t get carried away. Do the basics; bath your dog often, just to ensure that you don’t get fleas in your couch, especially if your dog has access to your living room.

Finally, dogs can harbor tons of microscopic disease causing bacteria. This is why it is very important to ensure that you see a vet every so often.

Jun 13

Fun Facts about Dogs

A dog is the first animal to be domesticated by man. This shows you that there is some special attachment that man has had with dogs from way back. As a result of this kind of attachment, there is several fun facts that you may need to know about dogs. By knowing them, you can even have a better understanding of the kind of relationship that man has had with dogs. Besides, they can also help you to understand the animals better. Below are some of those fun facts that you should know about dogs.

  • The shape of a dog’s face can be used to tell how long it will live. Those dogs that have got faces that are sharp and pointed or those that look more like wolves can live for very long. However, those with flat faces or resemble bulldogs usually have shorter life spans.
  • The man who has ever owned the highest number of dogs in the world is known as Kubla Khan. He owned 5, 000 mastiffs all by himself.
  • The most popular names that are used in the identification of male dogs in the world are Jake and Max while those of female dogs are Molly and Maggie.
  • When a dog is born, the puppy is always blind, lacks the ability to hear and does not have tooth.
  • The sweat glands for dogs are positioned on their paws.
  • Dogs are born with three eyelids that perform different functions.
  • The shoulder blades of dogs are not attached to the rest of the skeleton. This is to enhance them greater flexibility while running.
  • In Chinese astrology, it is believed that those who are born under the sign of dog are discrete and very loyal. However, they can also be a bit temperamental.

Apr 13

Take Care Of New Born Puppies

Dogs are known and said to be man’s best friend. They are wonderful animals to have as pets and need less care than babies. One can either acquire a dog by adopting or buying from a pet shop. The best dog for you is the one that suits your lifestyle and is of a decent breed. When your dog has gotten pregnant and is getting ready to give birth you should prepare in advance to take care of it. The litter of puppies need special attention and care for healthy growth.

Tips on taking care of newborn puppies

Prepare a nest that is big enough to contain the new born puppies and the mother. Size of the nest is dependant on the breed of the animal.  The nest should be warm enough and set far away from cold drafts. This is because newborn puppies are newborn puppies cannot regulate their body temperature.

Weigh the puppies every few weeks to check their weight. Checking their weight will ensure that they are getting properly fed and that their mother’s milk is adequate. If you are bottle feeding them don’t feed them with cows milk. The best type of milk is goat’s milk or bitch milk replacement. Feed them after every 3hours. Don’t use tap water to mix the canned milk as it has parasites that may harm them.

As they get older you can decrease the number of times that you feed them. Feeding bottle should have a human newborn bottle. The nipples on pet bottles don’t feed them well and also don’t use an eyedropper to feed them with.

When it comes to hygiene its not must you give them a bath but wipe their rears with a damp cloth after every meal.  Regular pet visits are necessary and expose them to a lot of exercise and human interaction.

Mar 13

Take Care Of Your Pregnant Dog

It’s a wonderful moment when you realize that your favorite pet dog could possibly be pregnant. The addition of the litter of puppies can bring much joy as well as pressure. The care given during the gestation period is important as it determines a successful birthing process. The health of your dog and her puppies are determined by the action and steps that you take during this delicate period. It is crucial you follow certain specific guidelines that will ensure that you are giving your pet the proper treatment.

These instructions can be learned either from the internet, a vet or an experienced dog breeder or owner. They are very simple and it’s up to you to be diligent in following them.

  • Constant health check-ups; from the onset when you first suspect that your beloved pet could be expecting, it’s important you visit the vet offices in your local area. The vet will examine the dog and determine the stage of pregnancy and the kind of care to give it.
  • Controlled feeding; the food you give the dog should have added nutritional value. Refrain from adding extra calcium into their diet. Also remember dogs are not like humans so don’t over feed them.
  • Don’t keep the dog in areas where it’s likely to get stressed this is to ensure life is preserved from the time it’s bred.
  • Watch out for signs that she is going into labor; this will help you help her get ready and comfortable for the birthing process. The gestation period of a dog is usually two months, at round this time check for signs of labor.
  • It’s important to remember that you should deWorm your dog and the puppies when they are a week old. It’s advisable to buy wormers from trusted vet offices for assurance of quality.

Feb 13

Choosing a Dog

A dog is a wonderful pet to have and they are known to be man’s best friend. There are several factors you need to consider and think of first. A dog requires less care than a child to take care of; but one must be considerate to ensure that the dog ends up being happy and healthy. A healthy and happy dog can bring a lot of joy into your life.

Tips for choosing a dog as a pet

v      Cost; you need to consider the cost of owning a dog. The amount of money you will need to purchase a dog as well as take care of them. You have to allocate money in your budget for their food, vet visits, and toys.

v      Dog breed; there are numerous types of dogs available. Choosing the right breed for you can be tricky. Your decision cannot be based on solely the physical appearance of the dog. Take time to know what diseases your breed is susceptible to, and what to expect as it matures.

v      Exercise; certain breeds of dog require more exercise than others. Therefore if you are not able to regularly exercise your dog you can opt to choose a dog that needs little exercise such as the Bassett hound.

v      Energy level and age; the age of the dog is crucial because the younger they are the more time and care thy will need. Dogs with higher energy levels are best for people who are looking for companion to exercise with. They also need regular exercise than other low level energy dogs.

v      Size; the bigger the dog is, the more room it will need to move around. They are also more expensive compared to the smaller ones. This is because of the medical health treatments and dog food that you’ll need.

Jan 13

The best things come in small packages

A lot of celebrities certainly seem to think this is the case as miniature dog breeds are more popular than ever.  You hardly ever flick through a magazine without spotting someone with their tiny dog.  Miniature dogs are also on TV with mini breeds such as the Chihuahua appearing on popular “reality” show The Only Way is Essex.

So what is it about these tiny dogs that make them so appealing to celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Sharon Osbourne? To be brutally honest I think we can all agree that they are not really cute, I would go as far to say that a lot of the mini breeds are downright ugly with their too big eyes and large bat ears, however they do have a certain little dog cuteness factor.  They are the perfect size for dressing up and playing with, perhaps the grown up version of a Barbie doll for celebrities? They fit well in a handbag and do not need lots of long walks and playtime. Continue reading →

Jan 13

Understanding Your Dog’s Behavior

The first step towards communicating with your dog and finding solutions for your dog’s unacceptable behavior, is to understand your dog’s behavior. Why does your dog do what it does?

Many people just get a puppy, throw him in the yard, and expect this puppy to immediately behave. Would you expect the same from your kids? No, like your kids, if you want them to behave correctly then you need to spend time with them. You need to teach them right from wrong, and when they do things right, you need to give them praise and treats to reinforce the good things they do. And just like with kids, you should never hit a dog, or not only will the dog grow to dislike you, then may become aggressive as a result. What follows are observations on dog behavior, and some possible solutions to those behavior issues.

First, let’s look at why dogs dig holes in the backyard. The main reason dogs dig holes is to get cool. This is because the ground is cooler below the surface, so the dog will dig deeper to get to cooler ground. Another reason for a dog’s digging habit has to do with comfort. Sometimes where a dog is lying down is not so soft or comfortable, so the dog will dig to soften the spot, and to make it conform to the shape of the dog’s body. Where this could pose a problem is when the dog wants to be in the shade throughout the day, so they will dig several holes in the yard, so the dog can move from hole to hole as the sun moves across the sky.

The obvious solution here is to provide your dog with a soft, comfortable bed in the yard that is always in a shady area. Another option is to designate an area in the yard that is exclusively for your doggie digger. It’s easier to teach the dog to dig here in one spot, instead of trying to keep the dog from digging all over.

Now, chewing is a behavior dogs use to play and explore their world. Not having hands, they have to use their mouths in place of hands. The thing to do here is to keep a constant eye on your dogs. When the dog is going for a chewy no-no, stop this behavior and replace it with something more appropriately chewable, like a chew toy a while, the dog will get the hint that only chew toys are…chewable.

Another behavioral issue with dogs is when they growl. Dogs growl because they are warning about something. It is the dog’s way of saying, “This ain’t cool, and if it doesn’t stop, I’ll resort to biting instead.” Strangers and aggressive actions against the dog are the main causes for growling. To stop this behavior, early conditioning in social settings will help. Give strangers treats before they meet your dog, so they can give them to the dog to earn the strangers’ trust and friendship.

Nov 12

Getting Your Pet in a Dog Show

Most people just cannot resist the thought of having a pet dog. The common reason is simply to have a loyal, adorable, and affectionate four-legged companion inside their homes. If you develop a strong bond with them, it is easy to engage in any activities with them. Because dogs are becoming popular these days, many events are organized focusing on them like a dog show.

This show is a contest where proud dog owners exhibit the unique qualities of their dogs, which are assessed based on their breeds. The participants will be judged for their appearance, behavior, and other criteria. Now, you may be thinking whether or not your dog will qualify for the competition. Here are a few considerations you need to make so you can assess your pet in advance if you are planning to get your dog join some dog shows.

First, you have to ensure that your pet undergoes proper training. This is necessary if you want to teach your dog to become obedient and follow your commands and to behave properly. It is also an important step to help your dog when it comes to socialization. It will prepare your dog for the show by getting used to mingling with more people and other dogs.

Fitness is essential for dogs as well. They need some particular forms of exercise. You can discuss this with your vet if you are not sure what proper exercise you need to give your dog.

You also need to consider proper nutrition. See to it that your dog eats the right food and gets proper nutrients. Being in good condition is helpful if it is going to perform in any dog shows.

So that your dog will be most appreciated, ensure that it is groomed. In getting your pet join a dog show, almost every detail should be checked like its hair, paw nails, teeth, etc. because neatness matters a lot in this show.