Classic Sesame Street – “Has Anybody Seen My Dog?”

Kennel Club Movie Rating: four / 5

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  1. More circumstantial proof that someone on the Sesame Street was a bonafide
    Bobby Charles fan.

  2. A true CLASSIC!

  3. God Bless Jerry Nelson RIP

  4. Loved this as a kid!!!

  5. Quaalude Charlie

    🙁 QC

  6. zacandtaylorrule

    This is classic. “That’s a doggie?” Yes it is Grover. “Oh I am so

  7. The rabbit must be the same lavender Muppet used on the Fat Cat Sat song
    and the fish must be the blue Muppet used for the Fat Cat Sat song and
    later became Little Chrisy.

  8. They actually did have some animal puppets on the show at the time, but not
    very many.

  9. Rescue911IsAwesome

    I loved this song when I was a kid.

  10. Probably. Not sure which came first. It’s interesting, though.

  11. I remember listening to this song on my Sesame Street Original Cast LP back
    in the day. Brings back a lot of memories!

  12. Maybe this clip is what gave the people at CTW the inspiration for Super
    Grover clips

  13. That’s what I thought- I have an old LP with this song on it.

  14. I’m so glad he got his dog back! I know I’d be just as upset as Marty.

  15. The rabbit looks like Howie, if you ask me.

  16. I agree. Back then, with Jim Henson around, Sesame Street was full of true
    creativity and imagination. All things were Possible when Jim Henson was
    alive. I still miss him to this very day. Sesame Street is just not the
    same without him.:(

  17. Wow!!! I loved this song as a kid…even had the ’45! Seeing the clip was
    always a highlight when watching SS for me, as after the gauntlet of muppet
    animals were run, I just knew a real puppy would make an appearance. On the
    adult level…can you imagine what a rock/blues band such as Aerosmith
    could do with this song through a cover version…complete with harmonica
    and electric guitar?

  18. omg i remember listening to this when i was maybe 4 or 5!!! and i’m 19!! my
    mom had the vinyl record and the cassette of the sesame street soundtrack
    and this was on it and this was mine and my brother’s favorite track!!

  19. FotomannTorsten

    Why isn´t there the german version on youtube? “Hat jemand meinen Hund
    gesehen”. I was singing this song from time to time during the last 35
    years or so – and today I found the english version here on youtube. Thank
    you so much for sharing!! :-)))

  20. @dog453679 Gotta admit, it is funny seeing Grover being shaken around, even
    as he keeps trying to help. That is one unhappy kid.

  21. About twenty years later, Jerry Nelson would perform another muppet boy
    with a similar voice, desperately searching for his pet elephant, Homer.

  22. I have the disco version. It’s AMAZING!!! My favourie part is which isn’t
    in this version, is when Grover brings in a cow. In all honesty it’s one of
    my favourite records of all time. GENIUS!!!

  23. @Cuteblondie1972 lol that was mad cute

  24. MizDtheFinest93

    I used @ love this song and i think i annoyed my parents when i was younger
    b/c i wouldn’t let them turn it off… Now i just have to find the song so
    i can download it

  25. @johnny10301968 You’re the only other one who remembers that, based on the
    Fifth Dimension song. It does involved two boys, one with a balloon, one
    with a plane, who want to impressed muppet Betty Lou.