GoPro: A Day in the Life of My Dog (Dog Mount)

Kennel Club Online video Ranking: four / five

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  1. Nice video! Can I ask what capture setting (resolution / frames) you used
    in camera?

  2. Jaja so funny!!

  3. I was pumped to buy one for my pup…but the footage is too shaky…makes
    me sick.

  4. this is amazing good job Adam!

  5. justnicolemarie19

    Awe I have a Labradoodle. I love dogs Like this 

  6. Johnathan Wangelin

    I just picked up a GoPro Hero3+ Black and am looking to do video of my
    dogs. I like this good job!

  7. Love it!

  8. Nace of song

  9. Did you used the chest mount for humans sold by GoPro?? Does it fit good on

  10. Great Video

  11. daveydiamond1962

    Aww cute dog :)

  12. coool! check out my dog too:)

  13. cool lookin Dog. He’s TIGHT!

  14. please watch – its my puppy 🙂 it will make you smile ! 😀 just quickly
    click my channel ! please reply!

  15. Nice video!:)

  16. nice video..good job 🙂

  17. Thanks!!

  18. it’s called a GoPole. It’s 3 feet long

  19. Thanks! Dogs are awesome 😀

  20. A doggone great video!

  21. Thanks!

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  23. Awesome! Music matches the video amazingly

  24. i dont know whats better, if the life of the dog, the music matching de
    video or what. awsame man. Respect for dogs! greetings

  25. Thanks!!