Hachiko: A Dog’s Story (my clip)

Kennel Club Video Ranking: four / five

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  1. Oh my God, I am sobbing!! I couldn’t even watch the whole clip. So I really don’t think I can watch the whole movie.. I honestly think I will die if I do!

  2. Just lost one of my dog to parvo.. And My other dog is infected aswell, I’m trying my best to save him.. This video gives me more strenght to fight this disease.

  3. britney sholes

    i love u hachiko :3

  4. Wonderful Movie; as well as this ‘Clip’. I defy ANY one with a Heart to NOT grab for a Kleenex in this Movie !!

  5. thumbs up if you cried:(

  6. Me too….

  7. it brings tears to my eyes every single time! <3

  8. Anand Panchbhai

    i wish i had a friend like hachiko.

  9. I cryed :D

  10. FaizaniMohdNoor

    I cry everytime I watch any clips of Hachigo. 🙁

  11. thums up who like hachi veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much i love you hachi

  12. me and my cuz cried soo bad us first

  13. kissemissen12

    I just couldent Hold in the tears! So beautiful! :'(

  14. This is really sad ):

  15. i cryed at the midle of the clip it vas so sad

  16. MugiwaraLuffy13

    The story of Hachiko has always been one of e my favorite animal stories and the movie was great too. This video made me tear up more than once.

  17. Aww :3

  18. the dislikers are just fucked up

  19. 35 thumbs down from the moslems.
    I keep this video in my playlists tittle “ISLAM & ANIMAL”. Please visit, watch & place a comment. Thanks

  20. the movie is wonderful, i watched last night and i started to cry.
    It’s really very touching.
    But it made me happy too because it’s really beautiful to see how loyal and wonderful Hachi was

  21. The light of my life went out yesterday, now I’m in the dark & all alone. Nothing but sadness counting the days when I’ll see him again, I wish God would take me now but he is in charge of when that occurs. I dont care anymore what happens, I’m tired of giving a damn only to constantly be let down. I have no more hope, it feels like hell.

  22. R.I.P

  23. PrivateAccount95

    Right here waiting and Hachiko – Eine wunderbare Freundschaft Theme. I think so

  24. 1989NikeMcfly

    The people that disliked this video have a straight out fucked up heart!!!