My Dog, Chloe: Grieving the Loss of a Man’s Best Friend

Kennel Club Video clip Ranking: four / five

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  1. Please don’t think you are ever dumb sweetie! I am sure your baby chi or the driver didn’t plan this to happen either. It is sad. So many beautiful stories with sad endings. That is why I looked and found this place. Where I could cry, grieve and not feel so alone in doing so. Today I feel the same as you. I don’t want another dog either. Because it won’t be her. I feel everyones pain it seems along with my own. I am thankful to Braddon for being so brave and bringing us all together. So kind

  2. Thanks for sharing your story. You helped me to cry with you. I have been walking around feeling like everything is surreal & I will wake from this denial. I just had to put my beautiful Nikki down about 25 hours ago. I have been feeling so empty, looking around only to realizing she will never again be near me. I have no children. She is/was my daughter. I hoped she’d make it to her 17th BD this month the 28th. It got too bad. You say what I can’t right now. It hurt but helped so much Thk U:(

  3. We lost our oldest dog, Buster two days ago. He was a 15 1/2 year old LaxX. – and the best friend anyone ever had. My tears just don’t stop. Right now it feels like they never will. I feel so guilty and so lonely. I can’t eat. Just cry

  4. wow i am so sorry for your loss

  5. ThePonycrazyxx

    Im so sorry about your loss, i really understand you

  6. CuddleDisaster

    Im so sorry for you’re loss

  7. ThePiratemonkey68

    i am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful dog,i just lost my dog bear a few days ago,he caught the parvo virus,he died the day i was taking him to the vet,in a short time it took my beautiful dog,i have cried non-stop.i was there with him in the end,stroking his fur,talking to him,i told him to go on,that it was ok,he blinked his eyes,he knew momma was there,and in one last breath he was gone…….we buried him out by the creek,by the mountains and trees,he loved the outdoors,i miss him so..

  8. After having him for that long.

  9. I miss my chihuahua already 🙁 I had lost him yesterday morning can’t believe I was so dumb not go after him when I woke up early hearing run out the door didnt know hed go so far away from home just to get hit by a car i dont know who or what he was chasing after. I’ve had him since fifth grade I remembered every memory and moment I had with him when I cried when I heard he was found dead on the street, thought Id never cry that much in my life til today I dont think I want another dog.

  10. God Bless you, and I definitely know how you feel.

    Today, Januaury 31, 2012, 7:15 a.m

    On my way to school…my French-Poodle Dog has passed away in a car accident, having fun running through the street of Madison until an unexpected tragedy had occurred. He was injured. He was sent to the doctor, and then after, thinking he was alive, we took him to the “Florest” Shop, but didn’t came there alive unfortunately. Ody

    May 13 2009 – January 31, 2012


  12. My two dogs who were also brothers passed away. They were boxers, and as a joke named them Muhammad and Ali. They weren’t just my bestfriends…they were my family. I miss them very much. I feel as if there is a part of me that left with them. It’s very hard to except that they are

  13. she was a golden retriever. to my other comment below

  14. my dog just passed away this morning, i cried so much. her name was Holly she was 8, and she was the nicest dog ever, about a week ago she had a small heart attack so we brought her to the vet and spent $2,500 on medicine and as much as we could do but we could not give her surgery because she had a hole in her heart. so this morning i woke up and let her outside and then got ready for work and she followed me in the kitchen and when i was in the kitchen she just fell over and i knew she passed.

  15. R.I.P

  16. It was really sad. My terrier girl was put to sleep few mths ago. My tears couldnt stop even till today. Grew up with me giving me all her silence support, giving me lots of courage to face life. That very day, she in my arms, i cried very very hard. I kiss smell all over her saying my love saying my sorry. They are not jus a dog, they have bcome part of our very self, a one that we cant afford to lost n when lost, we lost ourselves too. If there is a path that wil lead me to her side,i wil walk

  17. 1995cornflakes

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I know what you’re going through. It’s extremely sad when you lose a pet. I love animals and I hate seeing them pass away. Time eventually heels wounds, but it doesn’t heel everything. Again, I’m very sorry for your loss.

  18. My Teddy bear Chloe, I had gotten her in Sese, 20 2010. The next year in September
    3 she got sick.she wouldn’t eat drink or walk.she would alwasy make in pane noises.
    She pooped blood. But we didn’t know what she had
    . Her insides seemed to be melted down. The last neath she had was when I was petting her.

    R.I.P CHLOE Dec 20 2010-Sept 5 2011 11:50

  19. My friend just lost her cat and I was trying to find something inspirational to email her when I came across your video and now I too am crying my eyes out. What a beautiful tribute to your girl. I bet she couldnt have asked for a better earthly father and yes I do believe she’s happy, healthy & waiting for you on the other side.

  20. I had my dog Dallas,a golden rertiever, for just about 16 years. He died on October 21,2011. All I can say is don’t take your pet’s time for granted,because it will bite in your ass. hard… R.I.P. Dallas

  21. Oh I couldn’t finish this one. Broke my heart

  22. i cant stop crying…my dog is so weak right now…he’s got a heart disease.. i cant stop the feeling of sadness when he’ll be gone anytime..

  23. This made me Cry so much!!!!! I LOVE DOGS!!!!

  24. GeneAmericoJD

    Brother I really know about that ugly feeling, I Hope I don’t loose the one I have now even though we are ready to battle vs Parvo, One of his sons (my favorite one) a very obedient one and also very attached to me, got infected and in a matter of days vanished living me with an empty feeling in my life…His Father is still with me and tries real hard to make me forget the little creature, I can almost understand his feelings because he (the father) helped me to train them all…

  25. i lost my boy yesterday. we grew up together. in two months he would have seen me turn 17, and in two more he would have turned 10. his cancer came on so suddenly; three weeks ago i had no idea he wouldn’t see me through the rest of high school and childhood. he never saw me grow up fully. and i never saw him grow old, which he would have done so gracefully. i don’t know what i am without my sweet boy. i will never forget him and love him forever.