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Feb 15

My dog’s first time to see a baby kitty

Kennel Club Movie Rating: four / 5

Jan 15

Why is my dog aggressive to dogs?

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Jun 13

Fun Facts about Dogs

A dog is the first animal to be domesticated by man. This shows you that there is some special attachment that man has had with dogs from way back. As a result of this kind of attachment, there is several fun facts that you may need to know about dogs. By knowing them, you can even have a better understanding of the kind of relationship that man has had with dogs. Besides, they can also help you to understand the animals better. Below are some of those fun facts that you should know about dogs.

  • The shape of a dog’s face can be used to tell how long it will live. Those dogs that have got faces that are sharp and pointed or those that look more like wolves can live for very long. However, those with flat faces or resemble bulldogs usually have shorter life spans.
  • The man who has ever owned the highest number of dogs in the world is known as Kubla Khan. He owned 5, 000 mastiffs all by himself.
  • The most popular names that are used in the identification of male dogs in the world are Jake and Max while those of female dogs are Molly and Maggie.
  • When a dog is born, the puppy is always blind, lacks the ability to hear and does not have tooth.
  • The sweat glands for dogs are positioned on their paws.
  • Dogs are born with three eyelids that perform different functions.
  • The shoulder blades of dogs are not attached to the rest of the skeleton. This is to enhance them greater flexibility while running.
  • In Chinese astrology, it is believed that those who are born under the sign of dog are discrete and very loyal. However, they can also be a bit temperamental.

Sep 12

Crufts 2009 Discover Dogs – Bedlington Terrier

Kennel Club Movie Score: 4 / five

Jun 12

TRAILER: Dogs – A Healthy Future

Kennel Club Video Ranking: 5 / 5

Jun 12

video 36: Cute ADORABLE kitten tries to steal dog’s tongue (as seen on Ellen!!)

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Jun 12

Discover Dogs (Dog Show) – Part One

Kennel Club Video clip Score: 5 / 5

Jun 12

Master National 2009 Hall of Fame Retiring Dogs

Kennel Club Video Ranking: 5 / five

Jun 12

My Cute Maltese Dog Tobi Doing Dog Tricks Video Maltese Breed Dogs

Kennel Club Video Rating: 4 / 5

Jun 12

Hachiko: A Dog’s Story (my clip)

Kennel Club Video Ranking: four / five