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Apr 13

Take Care Of New Born Puppies

Dogs are known and said to be man’s best friend. They are wonderful animals to have as pets and need less care than babies. One can either acquire a dog by adopting or buying from a pet shop. The best dog for you is the one that suits your lifestyle and is of a decent breed. When your dog has gotten pregnant and is getting ready to give birth you should prepare in advance to take care of it. The litter of puppies need special attention and care for healthy growth.

Tips on taking care of newborn puppies

Prepare a nest that is big enough to contain the new born puppies and the mother. Size of the nest is dependant on the breed of the animal.  The nest should be warm enough and set far away from cold drafts. This is because newborn puppies are newborn puppies cannot regulate their body temperature.

Weigh the puppies every few weeks to check their weight. Checking their weight will ensure that they are getting properly fed and that their mother’s milk is adequate. If you are bottle feeding them don’t feed them with cows milk. The best type of milk is goat’s milk or bitch milk replacement. Feed them after every 3hours. Don’t use tap water to mix the canned milk as it has parasites that may harm them.

As they get older you can decrease the number of times that you feed them. Feeding bottle should have a human newborn bottle. The nipples on pet bottles don’t feed them well and also don’t use an eyedropper to feed them with.

When it comes to hygiene its not must you give them a bath but wipe their rears with a damp cloth after every meal.  Regular pet visits are necessary and expose them to a lot of exercise and human interaction.

Jun 12

my dog from puppy and up

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Jun 12

Puppy Kindergarten

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May 12

Stop the Suffering, Stop Puppy Farming

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