video 36: Cute ADORABLE kitten tries to steal dog’s tongue (as seen on Ellen!!)

Kennel Club Video clip Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. JamesBaldwinLover

    I absolutely love the kitten’s curiosity. Its expressions are priceless.

  2. ckdexterhaven10

    How on earth could you possibly dislike this video? It is nothing but sunshine & love!!

  3. toute la beauté des terriens

  4. Ahh so cute

  5. Cat got your tongue?

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  7. SuperShamless

    Actually, humans are part of the animal kingdom..

  8. what breed is your dog?! goldy mix?

  9. Love this ~ both are so cute! Orange cats seem to have the quirkiest personalities!

  10. @privare8eye the dog is a dog or a bitch not boy or girl that would be his/her owner hahaha. Just joking 🙂

  11. naughty boy! 🙂

  12. word

  13. heartful video! the dog is boy or girl?

  14. パトラッシュ!!!

  15. 猫が犬の口に興味津津で面白い

  16. brownsugarsinger

    Cat gotcha tongue? hehe :)

  17. Loss of Memory by Chaz Kkoshi

  18. I’m in tears 🙁

  19. too.

  20. Aww! So cute! What’s the song playing in the background?

  21. omggg too cute lol

  22. Melanie Wokowitz

    They paint you and your pets playing poker at petpokerportraits website. Just like the classic “Dogs Playing Poker” painting!

  23. FurryFurryFurry

    lol this orange kitten and murkin are always togather

  24. now i have to go watch a hockey fight

  25. すごい映像ですね~^^